UFi – Oppo Cph2015 after Isp format data with ufi not booting help

Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB:USB 2.00 High-Speed
Interface: UFI High-Speed
Serial number: 0011-8842-7305
Boot version: 1.05, FW version: 1.13 (Aug 19 2019 23:46:09)
Insertion test… Done
VCCQ not properly connected
Init bus…
VCC: 3.3 V, VCCQ: 1.8 V
Bus: 1 bit (SDR 24MHz)
Access mode: sector mode
Power supply: dual-voltage (1.70-1.95V, 2.7-3.6V)
Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded) – High density MMC
Manufacturer ID: 0x90 (SK Hynix)
Product name: hC9aP3 (0x684339615033), rev: 0x01, serial number: 0x5178D83A
Manufacturing date: Dec 2019
CID: 90014A68 43396150 33015178 D83AC65A
CSD: D0270032 8F5903FF FFFFFFEF 8E400042
EXT_CSD revision: 1.8 (MMC v5.1)
Partition info:
Boot1: 4096 KiB
Boot2: 4096 KiB
RPMB: 16384 KiB
User area: 58.24 GiB(62,537,072,640 bytes)
Cache size: 2 MiB
Hardware reset function: 1
Partition configuration: 0x48
Boot acknowledge is sent during the boot operation
Boot partition 1 is enabled for boot
Partitioning support: 0x07
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced technological features
Device partitioning possible
Boot configuration protection: 0x00
Boot bus conditions: 0x02
Bus width: x8 (sdr/ddr), boot mode: sdr(default), reset bus width to x1 sdr(default)
Boot area write protection: 0x00
Power-on write protection: possible
Permanent write protection: possible
Lock status: not locked

ANDROID System Info:
platform: MT6765, cpu abi: arm64-v8a
manufacturer: OPPO
board: oppo6765_19581, name: CPH2015
brand: OPPO, model: CPH2015 (OPPO A31)
build model list: CPH2015 (OPPO A31)
build id: PPR1.180610.011, version: 9 Pie (CPH2015EX_11_A.41)
build description: full_oppo6765_19581-user 9 PPR1.180610.011 eng.root.20200820.172531 release-keys

Internal storage: 49.74 GiB

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